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Recent Past Exhibitions & Events 


Create - Flight - The Crossing Theatre, Narrabri

Autumn Resonance - Artists of the Round Yard Inc - Retford Park


‘inspiration to creation’ Artists of the Round Yard Group Exhibition, Retford Park, Bowral and Southern Highlands Art Trail

Emerge - Artists of the Round Yard Inc - Retford Park

Vacation Nation - Art Aviso Online

Eight Hundred Metres (and Up) - Everglades Gallery Leura


x pollination - Artists of the Round Yard - Retford Park

Still Life - The Space Gallery, The Cannery, Rosebery

Retford Park - Artists of the Round Yard Inc

Caravan - Tacit Galleries, Collingwood

Door to Door - Online Exhibition - No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne

Create - Home - The Crossing Theatre, Narrabri


Emergence - Artists of the Round Yard Inc @ Sturt Gallery, Mittagong

PL❤NTS exhibition - Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

Southern Highlands Arts Gallery Trail - Artists of the Round Yard @ Retford Park


The Art of Collecting exhibition - Artists of the Round Yard Inc.   Retford Park, Bowral

Scarborough Art Show, Scarborough Public School

Camden Art Prize exhibition, Camden

Old Favourites exhibition - Artists of the Round Yard Inc. 

Retford Park, Bowral



The Art of Giving exhibition

Artists of the Round Yard Inc. Retford Park, Bowral

Scarborough Art Show, Scarborough Public School

BDCU Children's Foundation Long Lunch Art exhibition

Centennial Vineyards, Bowral

Leanne Booth Solo Exhibition of Works

@ The Mill Cafe Artspace, Bowral

BDAS Members Exhibition, Bowral

Leanne’s painting style can be described as interpretive and contemporary, and her works range from contemporary realism through to abstract.  She works in mixed media., using an array of art materials including inks, acrylic paints, oil sticks, charcoal and graphite.  


Over the past 17 years Leanne has successfully exhibited in galleries and group exhibitions throughout the Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains, South Coast and Sydney Region.


She is a member of the Artists of the Round Yard, a group of artists who exhibit at The National Trust Property Retford Park, which was home to the late James Fairfax.


Her first solo show was held in 2016 at 10 Thousand Paces Gallery.  She has appeared as a guest artist at the BDCU Children’s Foundation Long Lunch in 2017 & 2018 and the Plants Exhibition of Foundation & Friends of Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney in 2020.  

The beautiful countryside and lifestyle of the Southern Highlands, South Coast of  New South Wales, Snowy & Blue Mountains, Italy and New Zealand have inspired many works, which are featured in many private collections throughout Australia and overseas.


Leanne has a special interest in climate change, sustainable practice in agriculture as the Earth's temperature warms, work/life balance, and making a personal difference by creating conversation around these topics within her artistic practices.  She focuses on the micro detail to help understand what is really happening in the larger story. 

"I am very conscious that the health of our planet has been negatively impacted by the burning of fossil fuels from the time of the industrial revolution, but more particularly within the span of my own lifetime.  While deforestation, industrial agriculture, and many other manipulations to our environment have made lifestyle and food availability easier for humans right now, we have begun to see rapid changes to our climate - fire, flood and extreme weather events.  The Earth needs to rebalance and we are starting to see the cost.  We need to act now to make changes before it is too late for life on Earth as we know it.  Every small or large positive action for change is a step in the right direction."



Camden Art Prize - Very Highly Commended for Work on Paper

"Kite Sailing in Gisborne"



BDCU Children's Foundation Long Lunch Art Prize Awarded Highly Commended for "Centennial Rain"  Judge:  Cherry Hood



Fettlers Heritage Art Prize Awarded People's Choice



Fettlers Heritage Art Prize Awarded First Prize for

"Robertson - A Creek Somewhere"  Judge:  Freya Jobbins

Bush Lanterns by Leanne Booth.png

Bush Lanterns

Plants Exhibition

Royal Botanic Gardens



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