From the Studio Door

Cronulla Waterfront by Leanne Booth 300m

Cronulla Waterfront

Acrylic & Mixed Media on Deep Edged Canvas 

1020 x 1510 mm

$3,600 AUD

Caravan - Leanne Booth  .jpg


Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas Board, Framed in Light Timber

530 x 735mm

$900 AUD

Cycling in the City II.png

Cycling in the City II

Mixed Media on Saunders & Waterford Archival 640gsm Cold Pressed Paper, Framed in white under glass

890mm x 700mm

$1,200 AUD

Cycling in the City I by Leanne

Cycling in the City I

Mixed Media on Canvas Board - Deep Timber Edged 

700mm x 500mm

$550 AUD

Gisborne Kite Sailing by Leanne Booth 30


Kite Sailing

Acrylic & Mixed Media on 640gsm archival Saunders & Waterford paper,

Framed in matte white

730 x 730mm

$1,100 AUD

A Winter Walk by Leanne Booth.png

A Winter Walk

Artist Proof Print

1000 x 1338 mm

on Black Gata Board, Framed

Archival Paper UV Heat Sealed

With Certificate of Authenticity from artist, Leanne Booth

$1,500 AUD